Our Philosophy

“Aura” is basically defined to be an invisible emanation of field of energy believed to radiate from a person or object. This is interpreted by our enthusiastic and equipped team of students of professional degrees emerging to establish a platform for the creative engineers in the making, as well as providing a resource of man power in the form of interns to professionals who would require personals of specific background knowledge.
It is one of its type, taking up projects from almost every walk of life and working it into consumer friendly products. It is self-sustaining, as it works hand in hand with the university under a different set of protocol. The idea is to educate the world as we proceed in our endeavour to make our dreams come true. We not only deal with incubation of ideas but also focus on benefitting the society as a whole. We have a concurrent engineering approach to provide professional shape to ideas. This would be of great use to innovative minds who aspire to give something new of great benefit to the world through the sheer determination, hard work and originality.



  • trending_flatProvide

    To provide legitimate, fully fledged laboratories with proper guidance through sharing of knowledge and financial support to the registered students.

  • trending_flatEnchance

    To provide professionals such as faculty with knowledgeable and responsible interns, who would relieve them during their tightly scheduled working hours, to enhance the quick completion of their project.

  • trending_flatServe

    It serves as a bridge of exchange between the company units in the industry and the fresh graduates with a good level of experience, achieved through the Aura organisation.

  • trending_flatEmpower

    To provide campus benefits to the enrolled students, empowering them with new level of technical experience through understanding the practical application of knowledge gained through lectures.

  • trending_flatCreate

    To provide solutions to the existing problems from a technical background and also to create opportunities for advanced technology systems, employed by the student’s ideas.

  • trending_flatEducate

    To continually educate ourselves to achieve the number one position in the fields concerned and thereby, retain the standards through updating facilities involved, to world class standards.

  • trending_flatAchieve

    To be able to achieve each of our dreams as a team, bound by maximum focus and determination, through hard work, a unanimous spirit of learning and thirst for excellence.

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