Our Philosophy

AURA believes in making students develop their passion and making them proficient in their areas of interest in their intended field. It is one of its kind, which shapes and develops credible ideas into fine finished results.
The idea is to educate our surrounding as we proceed in our endeavour to make our dreams come true. Making an impact on the world towards sustainable development is the driving force towards the conglomeration of radical ideas being developed into reality with a holistic concurrent engineering approach. Aura aspires to support all, who are willing to go the length through sheer determination and hard work to bring in a change in this society.



  • trending_flatProvide

    Provide a communal furnished workspace and learning environment.

  • trending_flatSupport

    Provide a team of industrial experts with trained and experienced interns as support staff to help you complete your projects.

  • trending_flatServe

    Serve as a centre of exchange between the industry and the pool of fresh graduates with a good level of experience.

  • trending_flatEmpower

    Provide campus benefits to the students, empowering them with new level of technical experience by enabling them to understand the practical application of knowledge gained through lectures.

  • trending_flatSolve

    Provide solutions to the existing problems from a technical background and also to create opportunities for advanced technology systems, employed by the student’s ideas.

  • trending_flatEducate

    To continually educate and thrive your energy to expertise in our field of interest so as to make a better surrounding and updating facilities involved, to world class standards.